Gain concrete answers to improve your RMC business in 60 seconds.

Ready mix concrete producers use our software to identify savings opportunities across their entire business. Imagine what you could do with an extra $1 per cube.


Start improving your RMC margins today.

Ready mix concrete opportunities

Immediately see the top saving opportunities in 60 Seconds

Producers want answers not more data - C60 immediately shows you the most valuable opportunities in your business.

Ready mix concrete batching opportunities graph

Take action on what matters most

Drill on opportunities and choose the products, mixes, trucks, or customers to act on. Take actions and save money.

RMC Tracking Actions

Track your savings

Busy GMs can track the performance improvement across their business and see the dollars they're saving.

C60 Software Raw Materials Dashboard
C60 Batching Accuracy Dashboard
RMC customer cost of service dashboard

Dashboards across your business

Rich insights across materials, productions, delivery, and sales.

Make your salesproductionmaterials, and delivery better than ever 

C60 Software Design Yield

Optimize the use of your raw materials

C60 helps lower raw material costs by identifying inaccurate mix yields, highlighting over and under-performing mixes for cement optimization and risk-management, and monitoring the variability in plant and mix performance to allow for improved production consistency and mix optimization.

RMC Batching Accuracy

Optimize your batch plants performance

Learn which plants are driving up your operational costs the most. Quickly gain the actionable insights you need to determine which plants have the most batching errors, the highest variability of batching accuracy, the lowest operational capacity, and more.

RMC Customer Cost of Service

Optimize your delivery performance

Keep track and gain actionable insights to improve your in-house and spot RMC truck utilization, optimize the load capacity of different trucks, the status accuracy of your fleet and more.

Ready Mix Concrete Customer Cost of Service

Optimize your revenue strategy

Get actionable insights to determine which customers are logistically costing you the most, which customers lead to the best margins, your highest margins products and more.

Thanks to the expertise of our co-inventors, these ready mix concrete producers have identified important opportunities:


$160,000 annually

by identifying their customers with the highest cost of service and helping them negotiate more profitable agreements

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Saves an average of

$10,000 per month

by reducing over batching instances by 50%

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$32,000 annually

by reducing recurring instances of over-yielding


$125,000 annually

by identifying & retraining their worst performing drivers

Rock-solid insights to produce, sell, and deliver RMC products easier and faster

360 degree view
See a 360 degree view of your operational performance

Get real-time insights anytime, anywhere, on every aspect of your ready mix concrete business from production to logistics.

Call to action
Specific calls to action based on decades of RMC industry experience

We go the extra-mile and run the analysis to identify the savings opportunities for you. See where you can optimize yield, batching, sales and delivery in under 60 seconds.

Impactful savings across your entire business

We identify opportunities, assign actions to your team, and measure the results across your business.

Quick Set up
Set up in a matter of hours, see results in days

Fast, easy, and secure connections to many ready-mix systems right out of the box - you can be up and running in hours and start saving in days.

Secure cloud solution
A proven highly secure cloud solution

We use enterprise-grade data encryption, and follow the center for internet security (CIS) standards and best practices.

Driving the RMC industry forward in association with:

Connect all of your ready mix concrete systems mobile_image_homepage_logos

Easily connect all of your ready mix concrete systems

Integrate C60 with leading RMC software systems like Command Alkon, Marcotte, Jonel, Sysdyne, Stonemont, and more, to get insights and a holistic view of your entire business, in one place.

RMC expert one-on-one sessions

Intelligent insights backed by one-on-one sessions

Our software provides RMC business intelligence with clear and dollar-quantified calls to action. We help you integrate our insights into your day-to-day operations through 1-on-1 sessions with our experts.

Manage your data with C60

Clean, prep and ready your data for action

No IT intervention needed. We take care of cleaning the data and mapping your data fields so that your insights are as clear as day. 

C60 software for RMC producers

Built by RMC producers for RMC producers

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. Our platform was built to meet the exact requirements of RMC producers.

Connect to your systems

Connect to your systems