Produce strong, reliable concrete consistently

Get insights to improve yield accuracy, identify the ready mix concrete mixes with the highest strength variances, and suggested improvements to over and under-performing mixes.
Track ready mix concrete mixes
Perfect RMC Mixes Information

Enjoy the perfect mixes that aren't over or under performing

Insights give you complete control over your mixes with full transparency into the testing process:

  • Identify which plants and mixes are over or under-tested and which mixes pose the most risk to your business because of under-testing.
  • Understand the costs of over and under-testing materials, and incorporate improvements.
Understand your RMC yield accuracy

Understand your yield accuracy

Identify exactly what your total over-yield and under-yield values are in under 60 seconds, and make the adjustments necessary to save money on every batch.

Save with RMC customer journey insights

Save $1-5+ across key areas of your RMC business


10% of ready-mix costs

$1-3 estimated savings


50% of ready-mix costs

$1-5 estimated savings


10% of ready-mix costs

$1-2 estimated savings


30% of ready-mix costs

$1-3 estimated savings

Connect to your systems

Connect to your systems