About C60

C60 is in the business of helping producers drive more profitability. C60 is the culmination of decades of experience from our co-inventors. They spent years working at optimizing the way ready-mix producers find efficiencies in their business. Their experience and know-how has been applied in over 35 countries and 2,200+ concrete plants.
This sparked the idea to build C60.  We've assembled a team from the RMC industry, software, and analytics to bring you the first opportunity platform that puts dollars back into the pockets of RMC producers.
C60 Software for Ready mix concrete producers

Our Mission

Our mission is to help ready-mix producers drive more profit to their bottom-line. We’re committed to fundamentally transforming the $700 billion building materials industry by building an accessible digital ecosystem. Our core philosophy is to combine deep, hands-on building material expertise with state-of-the-art, cloud-based analytics technologies to help our RMC customers do more with less.

Our Vision

We aim to become the world’s leading digital platform that helps RMC manufacturers run their businesses better by improving performance across their entire value chain.

Identify saving opportunities
We help RMC producers identify saving opportunities across their entire business with easy-to-read, actionable insights
Business intelligence
Whether your RMC business is small or large, we can provide business intelligence holistically across all your operations
Actionable insights
Turn dormant data into actionable insights that can help your business be better
Maximize profitability
RMC businesses can gain answers that maximize profitability and operational efficiency in 60 seconds or less.
Improvement strategy
Implement C60 as part of your continuous improvement strategy

Built by RMC producers for RMC producers

C60 is a cloud-based platform designed by RMC producers for RMC producers. It provides the insights that ready-mix concrete businesses need to optimize operations, minimize efficiencies, and maximize profits.

We uncover cost savings opportunities for RMC producers daily. What can you do with an extra $1 per cube?

Meet our Leadership Team

Ramy Sedra
Bob Hartmann VP of Sales
Bob Hartmann
VP of Sales
Carlos Benfeito
Trevor Panas
Director of customer success
Emile Robillard
Product Owner, Opportunity Platform
Mithuna Ramaswamy
Product Owner, Data Platform

Connect to your systems

Connect to your systems