C60 integrates with your favorite RMC software

We've done the hard work building connectors to RMC systems so you don't have to.  Use our pre-built connectors to easily plug-in to your systems safely.
C60 integrates with your favorite RMC software

We make it easy to connect the systems you already use

Bring all your data together and see the big picture that unlocks saving opportunities across your entire business

  • Plug and play solution

    Get up and running in hours without complex IT involvement

  • Works with your on-premise systems

    Our pre-built connectors are engineered to work on your on-premise or cloud systems

Use connected RMC systems to gain actionable results
  • Platform agnostic

    We connect to each of your systems and bring it all together for you

  • Data cleaning and mapping

    We make sure your RMC data is usable with built-in data cleaning and mapping

Connect to your systems

Connect to your systems