C60 Business Analytics Software

What can you do with an extra $1 per cube? We’re committed to transforming the $700B building materials industry and helping RMC producers improve their margins by providing data-driven opportunities to action.

Gain the insights you need to improve your RMC business today

C60 Business Analytics Software

C60 generates dollar-quantified opportunities to action on your sales, production, materials, and delivery.

Optimize your revenue strategy with C60


Optimize your revenue strategy

Get actionable insights to determine which customers are the highest and lowest cost-to-service and why. Compare across customers and see where your biggest commercial opportunities lay.

Optimize your batch plant performance withC60


Optimize your batch plant performance

Gain actionable insight you need to quickly determine which plants have the most batching errors, the highest variability of batching accuracy and are driving up your operational costs the most.

Optimize the use of your raw materials with C60


Optimize the use of your raw materials

Keep your raw materials costs in line by improving the accuracy of your design yields. Take control of your cement costs and limit risk through instant identification of your over and under performing mixes so you can take action and save money.

Optimize your delivery performance with C60


Optimize your delivery performance

Keep track and gain actionable insights to improve your in-house and spot RMC truck utilization, optimize the load capacity of different trucks, the status accuracy of your fleet and more

Connect to your systems

Connect to your systems