Angelle Materials Leverages C60 to
Optimize Company Performance

C60 Seamlessly Integrates into Angelle Materials’ Business Operations to Improve the Bottom Line 

OCTOBER 16TH , 2023

Angelle Materials, a leading Louisiana concrete supplier, has selected C60 as its ready-mix business analytics platform. C60 will provide Angelle Materials with cloud-based software to maximize profitability, optimize operations and meet continuous improvement objectives.

Angelle Materials is one of the largest independent suppliers of ready-mix concrete in the Greater Baton Rouge area. It has six concrete batch plants strategically located in close proximity to any project in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Angelle’s two portable concrete plants completes its infrastructure to successfully complete all ready-mix concrete projects on-time and within budget.

Angelle Materials already uses MARCOTTE, a technological leader that provides software solutions for concrete production, dispatch, delivery and invoicing. C60’s connector technology integrates seamlessly with MARCOTTE. The combination of MARCOTTE and C60 enables Angelle to maximize the value of its data, achieve operational improvements, and identify significant cost-saving opportunities.

Using C60, Angelle Materials will be able to easily identify opportunities to improve batching accuracy, optimize logistics efficiency, view material savings opportunities automate customer cost of sales analytics. “The main C60 dashboard puts everything in terms of dollars, helping us concentrate on the areas with the biggest potential of savings,” says Brian Trauernicht, CEO at Angelle Materials. “C60’s dashboards provide insight into a variety of areas that we wanted to optimize, including batching accuracy, trucking and customer service. With the increases in labor costs and prices of raw materials over the last few years, C60 will help us run as efficiently as possible, keeping our costs lower.”

Given the rising labor costs and raw material prices in recent years, C60 empowers Angelle Materials to operate as efficiently as possible while keeping costs low. By seamlessly integrating with other solutions in the RMC business, C60 acts as a catalyst for success, enabling Angelle Materials to meet the diverse needs of its clients and drive bottom-line growth.


About Angelle Materials 

Angelle Materials is one of the largest suppliers of ready-mix concrete in the Baton Rouge area, with over 2,500 different mix designs, each one is designed to perform under different environmental conditions. Our six concrete batch plants are strategically located in close proximity to any project in the greater Baton Rouge. Angelle Materials also has two portable concrete plants to help complete all ready-mix concrete projects on-time and within budget. We’ve spent the last 70 years building Angelle into the concrete supply partner who believes in quality, safety, sustainability, innovation and community involvement. For more information, visit



MARCOTTE is a technological leader that provides best-of-breed software solutions for producing and delivering concrete. MARCOTTE leverages the power of AI so that every client enjoys easier, more efficient, and stress-free operations while minimizing environmental impact. The objective is simple: empowering ready-mix producers to thrive in a highly competitive market. For more information, visit


About C60 

C60 is in the business of helping producers drive more profitability. C60 is the culmination of decades of experience from C60’s co-inventors who spent years working to optimize the way ready-mix producers find efficiencies in their business. Their experience and know-how have been applied in over 30 countries and more than 1,500 concrete plants.

At C60, we’ve assembled a team from the RMC industry, using software and analytics to bring you the first opportunity platform that puts dollars back into the pockets of RMC producers. For more information or a demo, view our website,, or contact us at or 1 (312) 404-3438.


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