Alliance Case Study

Meet Alliance

Alliance Construction Material Limited is a leading aggregator and RMC concrete producer in Hong Kong, with over 50 employers processing about 4,000,000 cubic meters (5.2M cubic yards) of concrete per year in 10 concrete plants. 

The Challenge

Several small but recurring cases of over-yielding were causing cash flow issues, but the limited resources and an already small team made identifying the causes of over-yielding out of reach.

The Solution

By implementing C60, Alliance was able to see more granular and financially quantifiable insights on over-yielding cases, as well as CFR on a plant and product level.

C60 achieved this by:

  • Preparing and consolidating data streams
  • Cleaning the data and field mapping
  • Visualizing the data through user-friendly dashboards
  • Providing training to Calcestruzzi’s team to use analytical insights in daily work


The Results

The results speak for themselves:

  • By identifying the five products that were the culprits of consistent over-yielding, Alliance was able to save $32,000
  • Instead of time-consuming ad-hoc analysis being the norm, C60’s easy-to-understand dashboard allows quick identification of over-yielding on a granular plant and product level
  • No need to hire additional professionals to view and interpret data

Connect to your systems

Connect to your systems