Heidelberger Beton Case Study

Meet Heidelberger Beton

With over 500 employees and 170 concrete plants that produce about 3,700,000 cubic meters of concrete per year, Heidelberger Beton is a leading RMC producer in Germany. 

The Challenge

Their original decentralized logistics management made it difficult to maintain consistent logistical performance across all regions. Inaccuracies with OTD and truck utilization made it difficult to manage customer expectations for deliveries.

The Solution

Heidelberger Beton implemented C60 to create a centralized logistics model, as distributed handheld telematics devices to all drivers. C60 allowed complete statistics visibility, allowing each region’s delivery performance to be monitored, benchmarked, and maintained.

C60 achieved this by:

  • Preparing and consolidating data streams
  • Cleaning the data and field mapping
  • Visualizing the data through user-friendly dashboards
  • Providing training to Calcestruzzi’s team to use analytical insights in daily work

The Results

The results speak for themselves:

  • Using C60, Heidelberger Beton was able to save $125,000 by identifying and retraining its worst-performing drivers
  • By using telematics and C60’s easy-to-understand dashboards, corrective action can be taken swiftly and efficiently when needed
  • No need to hire additional professionals to view and interpret data

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Connect to your systems