Sagrex Case Study

Meet Sagrex

As a medium-sized RMC producer with locations in Belgium and the Netherlands, Sagrex has 400 employees and processes about 600,000 cubic yards (over 458,000 cubic meters) of concrete per year in 20 concrete plants.

The Challenge

As part of its continuous improvement strategy, Sagrex wanted to find a way to increase its profitability by prioritizing clients with high-volume orders and low delivery costs. They also suspected that some clients were costing them over and above the average and that these clients needed to be identified in order to renegotiate the delivery contracts.

The Solution

C60 achieved this by:

  • Preparing and consolidating data streams
  • Cleaning the data and field mapping
  • Visualizing the data through user-friendly dashboards
  • Providing training to Calcestruzzi’s team to use analytical insights in daily work

The Results

The results speak for themselves:

  • By renegotiating contracts, increasing the average load size, and reducing unloading times, Sagrex was able to save $160,000
  • With C60’s dashboards being an important part of their continuous improvement strategy, Sagrex can quickly identify high-cost clients and take the necessary next steps.
  • No need to hire additional professionals to view and interpret data

Connect to your systems

Connect to your systems